Neighborhood Associations bring neighbors together in order to improve the
livability of Miami Beach neighborhoods. There are over 40 neighborhood associations
throughout our city that help citizens make their voices heard in City Hall.

Aqua Allison Island Associations

Association Name: Aqua Allison Island Associations

Area: South of 63rd street  – Aqua Allison Island

Contact:  Vicki Sullum, President  201 Aqua Avenue Ste 100, Miami Beach, Fl 33141

Contact the Continental Group Inc Management Co., Ivonne Herrera (GM), 305-864-0199, (T) 305-864-0337 (fax)

Sub-associations – Chatham @ Aqua Condominium Association Inc., 201 Aqua Avenue; Spear @ Aqua Condominium Association Inc., 6103 Aqua Avenue; Gorlin @ Aqua condominium association Inc., 6101 Aqua Avenue; Aqua Island Homes Association

Membership Requirements:Voluntary – Homeowners only

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: As needed, mandatory once a year, usually monthly

Homeowners Association of Allison, Inc.

Association Name:    Homeowners Association of Allison, Inc.
Area:    Allison Island north of 63rd Street
Contact:    Jonathan D. Beloff / 305-673-1101 (Office); 305-861-6525 (Home); 305-799-1102 (Cell)
Membership Requirements:    Voluntary
Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    As needed
Mission of Association:    Safe street; beautification; security
Summary of Accomplishments:    
(a) Created Special Taxing District for Guard House
(b) Created Special Assessment District for underground utilities (we were the only homeowner’s to group to accomplish this)
(c) Beautification and lighting of median island

Alton Road

Association Name: Alton Road

Area:  From 20th to 63rd Streets

Contact: Adam Kravitz, President, 305-335-0330,

Membership Requirements: Living or owning a home within the boundaries, and paying $25/year or $40/2-year membership

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: 2 public meetings, Board meetings bimonthly – specific dates TBA

Mission of Association: The involvement of our members in our community welfare and the furtherance of the good, safety and welfare of our neighborhood and community. The beautification of our area, the development and maintenance of our feeling of neighborhood, the enforcement of an appropriate minimum housing code and standards, and the prevention of code violations in our residential area, to enhance the livability of our neighborhood. The establishment and maintenance of safe traffic conditions.

Altos del Mar Homeowners Association

Association Name:  Altos del Mar Homeowners Association


Bay Drive West Neighborhood Association

Association Name:    Bay Drive West Neighborhood Association

Area:    Normandy Isle, everything West of Rue Granville


Wilton Dos Santos, Chairperson

Mercedes Seron, Vice Chairperson

Bayshore Home Owners Association

Association Name: Bayshore Home Owners Association

Area: Bayshore – 40th Street, Pine Tree Drive, Dade Boulevard, Alton Road

Contact:    Sylvia Winitzky, President,

Membership Requirements: Resident of the Bayshore neighborhood

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: As needed, general meeting once a year

Mission of Association:    The Bayshore Homeowners Association (BHA) represents all residents of the Bayshore neighborhood between Alton Road, Pine Tree Drive, Dade Boulevard, and 40th Street. The neighborhood surrounds The Bayshore and The Bayshore Par 3 golf courses. The purpose of BHA is to preserve and improve the single-family character of this neighborhood as well as to enhance the environment.

Belle Isle Residents Association

Association Name: Belle Isle Residents Association

Area: Belle Isle, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Contact: Scott Diffenderfer, President of the Board;; 305-458-3334

Membership Requirements: Resident of Belle Isle

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Board meets approximately 6 times per year. General Membership Meetings are called as needed at a minimum of once a year.

Mission of Association: The Belle Isle Residents Association is a voice for residents interested in preserving and improving the quality of life on Belle Isle. The Association is concerned with safety, security, traffic control, ease of parking, noise control, park beautification, cleanliness, open spaces, planning, development, licensing, permitting, and all issues that may affect the residents and their quality of life on Belle Isle.

Summary of Accomplishments: Established in December, 2004. Residents Voted for a Board of Directors and adopted By Laws.  The Belle Isle Residents Association was incorporated in January, 2008.  Association provides residents with a forum for airing concerns while fostering a sense of community. Worked with the City of Miami Beach to develop and implement a Residential Parking Program.

Web site:

Association has established communication with the City of Miami Beach CIP Department regarding Renovation of Belle Isle Park, sidewalks, streets and pumping station, Public Works Department regarding renovation of Collins Canal and Miami Dade Public Works Dept. regarding traffic and safety issues.

Biscayne Beach Neighborhood Association

Association Name: Biscayne Beach HOA

Area:    Between Hawthorne and Crespie Avenue (east/west) 86th Street – Bayside Lane

Contact:    Lenor Hernandez, President (3050 776-3829 – Maria Koller, Treasurer (786) 395-1385;

Membership Requirements:    Own or occupy property in area

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    As agreed upon by Members/Board

Mission of Association:    To improve the quality of life of all residents of Biscayne Beach

Summary of Accomplishments:    

Implemented Neighborhood Walks
Increased Police Presence Throughout the Neighborhood
81st Street/Crespie Walk Bridge Improvements (lighting, landscaping)
MBPD K-9 Training Facility at Stillwater Park
77th Street Bridge Improvement (pavers)
Improved Quality of Lighting on Hawthorne Avenue
Added Green Iron Trash Cans Throughout Island
Graffiti Free Island (for the most part)
Open Communication Channels Between Neighbors
Improved Communication Channel Between City and Residents

Biscayne Point Homeowners Association, BPHA

Association Name: Biscayne Point Homeowners Association, BPHA

Area: The Island of Biscayne Point is West of 77th Street and Hawthorne Avenue

Contact: Lucero Levy, President,  Ted Berman, Vice President

Lucero Levy, President, at, Tel. 786-252-7303. Ted Berman, Vice President,, Tel. 305-205-7809. BPHA’s Website address:

Membership Requirements:    Any property of that portion of the area known as Biscayne Point Island, West of the first canal parallel to and immediately East of Noremac Avenue, shall be eligible for active voting membership.  Any non owner resident of same area may also be a member but shall not have voting privilages or hold office.  Annual dues shall be in the amount determined by the Board and payable on the first day of each calendar year.  Members who fail to pay their dues on or before February 15 shall loose their rights of membership, including that of voting or holding office.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:  
General:  There shall be a General Meeting each calendar year in the month of October or November.  This meeting shall be for the purpose of hearing the Annual Report of the President, the Report of the Treasurer and taking final action on the reports and recommendations of various committees.  Committee Reports shall be provided to the Board in written form prior to the meeting.

Board:  The Board will hold a minimum of six(6) meetings each year,  Meetings shall be called by the President or upon the request of at least three (3) members of the Board.  Homeowners shall be informed of the meetings.

Committee:  Each Committee Chairperson shall schedule and hold meetings necessary to meet the goals of the committee.  Meetings may be accomplished through telephone, email, or other electronic devices.

Special:  The President or any three(3) members of the Board may call a Special Meeting after reasonable notice specifying need.

A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) members of the Board for the transaction of business.  Approval of motions shall require 75% majority vote.  All meetings shall be scheduled at least five (5) days in advance, with the exceptionof any emergency or By-Laws Revision Meeting.  All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

By-Laws:  the Board shall appoint a By-Laws Committee when the need arises.  The Board must approve Amendments and Revisions to the By-Laws before they are submitted to the general membership.

Mission of Association:    To enhance the safety, welfare and quality of life; promote communication, and social  civic activities for the residents and homeowners of Biscayne Point; by ensuring that their needs and desires are represented within the community and government.

Summary of Accomplishments:    The BPHA has been representing our island to ensure our share of funded neighborhood improvements, better security, and utility upgrades.  During the past years, we have discussed many of our residents’ concerns with representatives from the City Commission, the Mayor’s Office, County Officers, City Planners, Miami Beach Police, etc.  The BPHA is involved with various proposals concerning out neighborhood improvements.  In addition, the BPHA funds our Block Party and Halloween Howl, which help bring our island neighbors together.  The BPHA provides police patrols during Halloween and other events

Collins Improvement Association

Association Name: Collins Improvement Association

Area: Colllins Avenue and its cross street, B/W 5th Street and 15th Street respectively

Contact: Michael Comras, 305-532-0433 (t) 305-532-5212 (f) The Comrass Company of Florida, 1261 20th Street at West Avenue, MB 33139 or Jennifer Batchelor 305-397-8725

Membership Requirements: Must be resident of designated area

Meeting Schedule/ Calendar: 1st Thursday of each month @ 4p.m., The Hotel, 801 Collins Avenue, MB 33139

Mission of Association: The Collins Avenue Improvement Association is a gathering of property owners, merchants, residents, City of Miami Beach departments; and those in the tourism, hospitality, retail ,and nightlife industries.  Our goal is to raise awareness on quality of life and business issues, including but not limited to, street and sidewalk improvements, environmentally sound business practices, energy conservation, the promotion of area businesses, and to assist in creating better business strategies to benefit all in the surrounding Collins Avenue neighborhood by working in tandem with City, County, and State administrative divisions.

Summary of Accomplishments: 1st meeting organized March 2010

Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association

Association Name:   Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association

Area: The Flamingo Park Neighborhood — bounded on the north by Lincoln Road, on the south by Fifth Street, on the east by Washington Avenue and on the West by Alton Road – surrounds Flamingo Park.

Contact:    Denis Russ, Community Development Director
Miami Beach CDC; 305-538-0090;

Membership Requirements:    All residents of the area are invited to attend and participate.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    
the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
At The Seymour – 945 Pennsylvania Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139

Mission of Association:    The Flamingo Park Neighborhood Committee provides information to community residents and develops consensus and collaboration on Quality of Life, City Projects and Initiatives, Planning and Zoning Matters and other issues of interest to the South Beach historic, urban, residential neighborhood.

Summary of Accomplishments:    

Quality of Life Issues: Assure the peaceful residential character of the neighborhood through continued attention to crime and safety, traffic and parking, refuse and animal waste, commercial intrusion and control of horns, alarms and other inappropriate noise.

Adequate Circulation: Implement improvements in traffic calming and vehicle flow; continue to develop local transit alternatives, bicycle routes and safer pedestrian passages; and ease commercial crossings and access to the beach and bay.

Flamingo Park: Maintain and sustain the park as an important recreational amenity for residents of the neighborhood, the City and the region by maintaining green space, planting shade trees, and assuring adequate maintenance and programming.

Planning and Zoning: Support public works projects and capital improvement projects with the aim of providing more modern infrastructure and amenities. Monitor neighborhood and comprehensive plans, deliberations of the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Board, Design Review Board and the City Commission.

Matters Requiring Attention:

Down zoning within Flamingo and zoning corrections adjacent to Flamingo.
Traffic Flow Analysis for Sixteenth Street
Way Finding Signage Program
Hurricane Preparedness; Code Enforcement; Forced Evacuations
Capital Improvement Program and G. O. Bond Improvement Program
E-mail Contact Information and Linkage to City Information Outreach Program
Educational Campaign for Responsible Pet Ownership: “Scoop the Poop

Flamingo Park West Neighborhood Association

Association Name:    Flamingo Park West Neighborhood Association

Area:    Michigan Ave., Lenox Ave. and East side of Alton Rd. from 12th to 15th St.

Contact:    Sam Carson, President; 305 673 8514;

Membership Requirements:    Home owner or business renter within the boundaries of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Not formally set

Mission of Association:    To deal with all problems involved in this neighborhood including traffic, security, preservation of historic district, beautification, etc

Summary of Accomplishments:    Worked with the City of Miami Beach to establish parking area # 3 and to improve conditions in and around Flamingo Park to improve the quality of life for the residents of the area.

La Gorce Island Association, Inc.

Association Name: La Gorce Island Association, Inc.

Area: LA GORCE ISLAND: Plat Book 34, Page 83 of the public records of Miami-Dade County

Contact: Karen Rhodes Dornfield, Vice President; Vivian Doria, Secretary
Vivian Doria,, La Gorce Island Association, c/o Flagler Investment Property Management, Suite 2000, Miami, FL 33131;

Membership Requirements: Ownership of real property on La Gorce Island

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Annual Membership Meetings (Feb or Mar); Quarterly Board Meetings

Mission of Association: Among other things, providing such services to the real property on La Gorce Island as the Association may from time to time determine to be reasonable and to present a united effort of the members in advancing the civic welfare of Miami Beach and particularly in protecting the value of the property of the members of the Association.

Summary of Accomplishments: Preserving the beauty and unique character of La Gorce Island

La Gorce Pine Tree Homeowners Association

Association Name:     La Gorce Pine Tree Homeowners Association

Area:    51st Street North to Alton Road (63rd Street). All homes on La Gorce Drive, Pine Tree Drive including the side streets.

Contact:      Glendon Hall, President, 305-331-5402;
Frederick C. Sake, Esq. – Vice President – 305-673-3700
Vic Ruggiero, Treasurer – 305-868-9597
Beverly Heller, Secretary – 305-864-1539-Home
Donna Bloom, Immediate Past President

Board of Directors:
Eileen Brennan, David Gilbert, Glendon Hall, Rosemary Hansford, Pat Kopco, Hattie Rickert, Dave Swanson, Bruce Reich, Gerald Schwatz, Tony Ransola, Gladys Hernando

Membership Requirements:    Membership is open to all persons over the age of 18 who own or have a life estate in residential property within the boundaries of the association.

Meeting Schedule/ Calendar:    The Board of Director Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month. Meetings are held in various members homes. The annual Meeting (Dinner) Election of Officers takes place on the fourth Wednesday in May. The annual Halloween Walk/Party takes place on the Sunday before Halloween. The December Meeting is a Holiday Dinner Celebration. There is no meeting in August.

Mission of Association:    The involvement of our members in our community welfare, the preservation of the integrity of our single-family area, the beautification of our area, the development and maintenance of our feeling of neighborhood, the furtherance of neighborhood issues, the establishment and maintenance of safe traffic conditions, the fostering of a safe and comfortable neighborhood, the creation and maintenance of a Community Crime Watch, the enforcement of an appropriate minimum housing code and standards, the prevention of code violations in our residential area, to enhance the livability of our neighborhood, to provide an open process whereby all members of our neighborhood can communicate with each other and where they may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood, to assist in the development of projects, undertakings and other activities in cooperation and coordination with appropriate City of Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County and State of Florida officials and groups for the furtherance of the good, safety and welfare of our neighborhood and community.

Summary of Accomplishments: 
1. Have repeatedly represented the neighborhood, before the City Commission, voicing our opinion/opposition to builder over development and other quality of life issues. i.e.: View corridors, toxic dumps etc, etc.

2. Worked with the City and County to build and landscape traffic calming islands.

3. Organize and sponsor annual Halloween Walk and Gala Party to provide a safe and fun environment for our neighborhood children and their families.

4. Have hosted and supported candidate forums.

5. Are currently working with the County to review the existing traffic island configuration and make adjustments as necessary (to the curb, road etc) to make them more effective (they have received copies of traffic accident reports on La Gorce and Pine Tree since 2000 to use as a basis).

6. Have developed a close working relationship with the CMB Police Department to establish communication and action plans to help slow traffic on both Pine Tree and La Gorce Drive and to assure neighborhood safety and security.

7. We are developing a program with the City Police to engage off duty police for additional policing of the neighborhood for crime prevention and strict enforcement of the neighborhood’s 30 MPH speed limit.

8. We worked with the City to implement tree-planting on the swales following the removal of the coconut palms.

9. As certain trees, which were located on the right of way, had been causing extended electric outages, we successfully worked with the City of Miami Beach to have those trees either removed or trimmed, in an attempt to alleviate the problem.

10. We have increased the awareness of homeowners on Pine Tree/La Gorce on the issue of sexual predators living on Miami Beach and have consulted with area law enforcement on prudent safety measures.

11. Monitor “good neighbor” relations between residents and La Gorce Country Club

12. Developed a successful e-mail communication system with residents

13. Participated and supported the Miami Beach Police Department’s Hate Crime Community meetings.

14. Worked with the Miami Beach public works department to have radar speed monitors installed on Pinetree Drive.

15. Assisted the Miami Beach Police Department’s Crime Prevention Unit in training officers to conduct home security surveys per a program with the attorney General’s Office

Lakeview Homeowners Association

Association Name:    Lakeview Homeowners Association
Area:    South to North, Lakeview Drive to 51 Terrace, West to East, Alton Road to Pinetree Drive

Contact:    Michele Burger –  

Lincoln West Neighborhood Residents Association

Association Name: Lincoln West Neighborhood Residents Association

Area: Boundaries Biscayne: Bay (west), Alton Road (east), 17th Street (north), 14th Street (south)

Contact: Arthur Marcus,President;

Membership Requirements: Open to all residents whose primary residence is located within the boundaries, and request membership.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: There shall be at least two (2) general membership meetings yearly. Meetings shall be convened in the fall and spring upon any day decided by the majority vote of the Board. Notification shall be by mail, email, posted notices, telephone calls, or any other appropriate means of communication apt to reach a majority of the members. Notification shall require 15 days advance notice to all active members.

Mission of Association:  To enhance the livability of the Lincoln West neighborhood and Miami Beach by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among the neighborhood, government agencies and other neighborhoods and to provide an open process by which all members of the residents association may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood.

Summary of Accomplishments: With the support of our neighborhood residents, and the City, we established resident Parking Program (RPP) zone 12.We continue to work with the City of Miami Beach Capital Improvement Projects program (CIP). This is an ongoing issue, and one of great importance for our neighborhood. Proposed projects were developed with the assistance of the neighborhood association and through public meetings.

We coordinated efforts to establish a pooper scrooper pilot program along West Avenue to assist pet owners in curbing their pets while keeping the City’s swales, sidewalks and green spaces clean and beautiful.

Midbeach Alliance

Association Name:    Midbeach Alliance

Area:    23 Street – 67th Street – Indian Creek to the Atlantic Ocean (Condominiums)

James Richmond, President,
Alicia Casanova, VP,
Nancy Ladd, Treasurer,  
Candyce Preston, Secretary,  
Jayne Mulcahey, Director, 

Middle Beach Partnership

Association Name: Middle Beach Partnership

Area: 41st Street – Ocean to the Bay

Contact: Ira Giller, President;

Nautilus Area Homeowners Association (NAHA)

Association Name:    Nautilus Area Homeowners Association (NAHA)

Area:   42nd Street (South), West 48th Street (North), Biscayne Waterway (East), Nautilus Drive (West)

Contact:   Paul Kress, President; 4370 Nautilus Dr.. Miami Beach FL 33140; Cell: (305) 510-0040

Saundra Grace – Vice President –

Deanie Greene – Secretary –

Jose Cuneo, Treasurer -

Del Fruit – Board Member –

Alex Haw – Board Member –

Robert Jaffe – Board Member –

Membership Requirements:     Open to all residents over age 18 who have a life estate in our residential boundaries; $35.00 annual membership dues.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     Board meetings – last Wednesday of each month

Mission of Association:     The involvement of our members in community welfare, the beautification of our area, the development and maintenance of our feeling of neighborhood, the furtherance of neighborhood issues, the establishment and maintenance of safe traffic conditions.  The creation and maintenance of a Community Crime Watch, prevention of code violations in our residential area, to assist in the development of projects in cooperation with the appropriate officials and groups for the furtherance of the good, safety and welfare of our neighborhood and community.

Summary of Accomplishments:     Established permanent standing committees that include but are not limited to: beautification, government affairs, public relations, crime watch, neighborhood issues, traffic and community service.  Members of the board and residents have initiated and developed relationships with local government, police officials, constituents at City Hall and are actively working on quality of life issues in our neighborhood.

Normandy Fountain Neighborhood Association

Association Name:    Normandy Fountain Neighborhood Association
Area:    Boundaries of the Neighborhood Association shall be defined as Rue Notredame and Bay Drive East and Bay Drive East and South Shore Drive.

Contact:    Jeff Bechdel; (305) 867-3434;

Membership Requirements:    Membership is open to residents and businesses within the boundaries of the association

Mission of Association:    To enhance the livability of the neighborhood and Miami Beach by establishing and maintaining an open line of communication and liaison among the neighborhood, government agencies and other neighborhoods.

Summary of Accomplishments:     Parking study with the City of Miami Beach Parking Department that determined a Residential Parking Permit System would not solve the parking issues in the neighborhood

- Adopted official bylaws

Normandy North HOA

Association Name:    Normandy North HOA

Area:    Single Family Homes along Marseilles Drive, Calais 71 Street, and Normandy Drive.

Contact:    Lillian Santana, Rebecca Pound, Beatriz Andre (Leadership Committee)

Membership Requirements:    Live in geographic area; voluntary membership

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     Ad hoc meetings. Active and growing email list

Mission of Association:    To improve the quality of life in our community by increasing communication and awareness among residents, increasing  communication among and between residents and City officials, and coordinating efforts that support and further capital improvements, public safety initiatives, and other public initiatives that benefit our community.

Summary of Accomplishments:    Capital improvements including, landscaping on Marseilles Drive and Calais Drive, up-lighting for median at entrance of Trouville Esplanade, acorn lighting on Marseilles Drive and Calais Drive.

Normandy Shores Homeowners Association

Association Name:     Normandy Shores Homeowners Association

Area:     North Shore Drive, South Shore Drive, and Fairway Drive

Contact:     Mickey Mangiorri, President; Cell: 305-773-6609; Email:

Membership Requirements:     Live in geographic area; voluntary membership

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     Quarterly and ad hoc Meetings. Active and growing email list.

-A community of neighbors working together in private, voluntary association to continuously improve our quality of life.
-A neighborhood that is considered by residents and non-residents alike to be a highly desirable place to live and enjoy the benefits of family and community.
-An association of residents who are highly participative, aware, and politically active.

Mission:     Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our neighborhood through management of common areas, enforcement of rules and covenants, support of initiatives that strengthen bonds among residents, and investment in capital improvements that benefit the greater good.

Values:     In fulfilling our mission and achieving our vision we value honesty, fairness, firmness, common sense, participation, respect, cooperation, and civility in all our actions.

Summary of Accomplishments:     
-Worked with the Police and CIP Teams to plan and procure funding for upgraded security including cameras, fencing, improved entrance gates, and signage.
-Creation of committees to address issues of importance to our neighborhood, including Safety and Security, Social Planning, Projects, and Beautification and Code Enforcement Committees.
-Updated / Rebuilt the Homeowners Database.
-Work with City Departments, including Public Works, Code Compliance, Sanitation, and Parks and Recreation, to improve the services to our neighborhood.
-Creation of Neighbors Helping Neighbors to assist the elderly and others in need of living assistance Working with City Commissioners to advance various projects including procuring the Club House as a voting precinct.

Normandie Sud Homeowners Association

Association Name:    Normandie Sud Homeowners Association

Area:    Rue Granville to Rue Versailles South of 71st Street including Biarritz Drive, Bay Drive, Trouville Esplanade, Rue Bordeaux and Rue Notre Dame

Contact:  Margueritte W. Ramos, president; 305-389-7444;

Membership Requirements:    $25 voluntary membership fee

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Not formally set

Mission of Association:    Safety and Beautification

Summary of Accomplishments:    
Organized the strongest Crime Watch group in Miami Beach according to the North Beach Sub Station.

Obtained $2.9 million of GO Bond funds and Water & Sewer Bond funds to upgrade and beautify our neighborhood.

Lower North Bay Road Homeowners' Association, Inc.

Association Name:    North Bay Road – Lower North Bay Road Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Area:    2000 North Bay Road to the 3200 block of  North Bay

Contact:    Mike Hammon, President; Cell: 305-766-5216;

Membership Requirements:    Live in geographic area; voluntary membership

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Irregular meetings, active email list, annual block party

Mission of Association:    To improve quality of life of residents and aid residents with City issues

Summary of Accomplishments:    Reduced cut through traffic, limited truck traffic, first neighborhood to implement traffic calming pilot program

North Bay Road - Middle - Homeowners Association

Association Name:     North Bay Road – Middle – Homeowners Association

Area:     4100 block of North Bay Road on the south – to the 4800 block of North Bay road to the north

Contact:     Laine Ungar;

Membership Requirements:     Owner of home within the boundaries

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     Varies but one general meeting a year is typical

Mission of Association:     To enhance the livability of our neighborhood by establishing and maintaining a common voice and line of communication between the members of the Middle North Bay Road Homeowners Association and our local government officials and/or representatives of other neighborhoods.

Summary of Accomplishments:     The association was formed in order to have all way stop signs installed at all of our intersections. We have worked to create one voice for the neighborhood

North Bay Road - Upper

Association Name:    North Bay Road – Upper

Area:     North Bay Road from 50th to La Gorce Island

Contact:     Judith A. Frankel; 305-674-1313;
960 Arthur Godfrey Road. Suite 116

Membership Requirements:    Homeowner

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Irregular meetings – have active email network

Mission of Association:     Information and joint action to protect quality of life within the neighborhood

Summary of Accomplishments:    Promoted construction of new toll plaza, monitoring bridge repair, promoting Streetscape Project, distributing on a timely basis all notices from municipal and county government officials by email, and facilitating good relationship between residents and municipal and county governments.

North Ocean Drive Area Residents Association (NODARA)

Association Name: North Ocean Drive Area Residents Association (NODARA)

Area: Boundaries 12th Street to 17th Street from the Ocean to the east side of Collins Avenue

Contact: Jo Manning,,1500 Ocean Drive 305-538-3270

Membership Requirements: The association is open to and represents the interests and safety of all who reside within its boundaries before state, county and city government agencies and committees.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: To be announced

Mission of Association: To work to maintain and improve quality of life for our residents and improve our community.

Summary of Accomplishments: Worked closely with city on several projects including newsracks, noise ordinance guidelines, special events, homeless issues and others

North Shore Historic District Neighborhood Association

Association Name: North Shore Historic District Neighborhood Association

Area: The North Shore Historic District spans from Harding Avenue and Ocean Terrace to Crespi Boulevard, and from 73rd Street to 87th Terrace.

Contact: Kirk Paskal,;

Membership Requirements: Membership is voluntary and open to residents, property owners and businesses who live within and/or operate within and around the geographic area and other individuals affiliated with the North Shore National Register District who agree with the purpose of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: The NSHDNA conducts regular quarterly and ad hoc meetings while maintaining an active and growing email list.

Mission: Our mission is to protect and enrich the historic quality of our residential neighborhoods, promote appropriate commercial development in the commercial areas, ensure responsible stewardship of our parks and natural areas, address quality of life issues for residents and visitors and promote a strong sense of community.

Summary: The NSHD was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 18, 2009 and comprises one of the most extensive, intact and cohesive concentrations of modernist mid-century architecture in the U.S.The NSHD runs parallel to the North Shore Open Space Park, one of the vastest natural conservation and park areas within the city of Miami Beach – running along the Atlantic beachfront from 79th St. to 87th St. Our association serves our members by fostering communication, engaging government, nurturing strategic alliances and developing initiatives to safeguard and advance our community in accordance with our mission statement.

Ocean Drive Improvement Association

Association Name: Ocean Drive Improvement Association

Area: 760 Ocean Drive, Suite 9

Contact:  (Marlo Courtney, Al Feola, David Wallack)

Membership Requirements: Ocean Drive Property Owners, Business Owners and Residents are welcomed

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Second Tuesday of each month at 2 pm, The Park Central Hotel, 640 Ocean Drve Miami Beach FL, 33139. Agendas are sent to members, government officials and attendees before meetings are held.

Mission of Association: To continue the vision of Ocean Drve as America’s first American Riviera and the first Historic architectural district in Miami Beach. We promote a community of international scope, cleanliness, safety, and good taste.

Summary of Accomplishments:
Special Events which drive visitors and residents to our area
Enhance the experience for the visitor and residents to our Ocean Drive neighborhood
work with officials to enhance all city services

Orchard Park Neighbornood Association (OPNA)

Association Name: Orchard Park Neighbornood Association (OPNA)

Area: Orchard Park extends from 42 Street in the south to Surprise Lake in the north, from Biscayne Waterway in the west to Indian Creek in the east.

President – Henry Lowenstein:
Secretary: Penny Parham Kahn:
Treasurer: Gordon Loader:
Crime Watch Captain: Tobi Ash:

Membership Requirements: Live in Neighborhood or are associated with OPNA, pay OPNA Annual Membership fee.

MeetingSchedule/Calendar: Board meets monthly. Committees meet as needed. Annual Picnic in Spring. AGM in late Fall.

Mission of Association: Refer OPNA By-laws:

Summary of Accomplishments: Voted Best CrimeWatch program by MBPD – fast email notices of any suspicious activity, any arrests or other security matters in neighborhood.

Designed and implemented a neighborhood program for installing gas generated generators in times of FPL power cuts.

Worked with Commission and City to improve neighborhood and address particular concerns: “OPNA is one of the most active associations on the Beach.” Mayor Dermer.

Established web site to communicate with neighborhood:

Worked with City for 7 years to get buffer zone built between commercial and residential district as part of 42nd St Beautification Project.

Working with City to get GO BONDS Projects in neighborhood realized.

Palm-Hibiscus-Star Islands Association, Inc.

Association Name:    Palm-Hibiscus-Star Islands Association, Inc.

Area:    Palm, Hibiscus and Star Islands, located in beautiful Miami Beach

Contact:    Tim W. Rose, Jr., Executive Director, 305-299-2617;
152 Palm Avenue, MB, FL 33139

Membership Requirements:    Open to all residents on the Islands who pay the Annual Dues

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Two meetings a year (Feb and Sept), four events (Holiday Party, Halloween Party, Summer Picnic and Candidates Forum in years of City Elections. Other meetings called if warranted.

Mission of Association:    Making the Islands an even better place to live.

Summary of Accomplishments:    The Association has grown in active membership, activities and accomplishments in the last several years. We are proud of our growth and in being an active participant in the greater City of Miami Beach and surrounding Miami-Dade County community.

Palm View Historic District Association

Association Name:    Palm View Historic District Association

Area:    South side of Dade Boulevard between Lenox Court and Meridian Avenue, the North side of 17th Street between Lenox Court and Meridian Avenue, the east side of Lenox Court between Dade Boulevard and 17th Street and the west side of Meridian Avenue between Dade Boulevard and 17th Street

Contact:    Michael Jarboe,
Membership Requirements:    Open to all residents within the Palm View Historic District
Mission of Association:    To preserve and enhance one of the oldest and most architecturally significant neighborhoods in collaboration with the City of Miami Beach.

Park View Island

Association Name: Park View Island

Area: All of Park View Island

Contact: Deborah Ruggeiro 305-868-5834;

Membership Requirements: Resident of Park View Island

Summary of Accomplishments: Pre GO Bond discussions, getting PVI on the City’s map of MB, numerous meetings with various candidates prior to elections, night locking and morning unlocking of PVI walking bridge, signage design for PVI Bridge.

South of Fifth Neighborhood Association (SOFNA)

Association Name:  South of Fifth Neighborhood Association (SOFNA)

Area:  Boundaries of the neighborhood association shall be defined as the region South of Fifth Street, specifically beginning at the median or center line of Fifth Street and ending at Government Cut, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay.

Contact:  Steve Mandy:

Membership Requirements: Membership in the Association shall be open to those individuals age 18 and over who are:

a. residents or owners of residential property located in the boundaries as described in Article III, who shall be considered Resident Members. In the case of residential properties owned by corporations or LLCs, only one individual may serve as the entity’s Resident Member; OR b. owners/operators of businesses, with a current occupational license and located in the boundaries as described in Article III, who shall be considered Commercial Members. In the case of corporations, LLCs, partnerships or businesses owned or operated by multiple individuals, only one individual may serve as the business’ Commercial Member. Owners/operators of home-based businesses, as defined by the laws of the City of Miami Beach shall be considered Resident Members, not Commercial Members.

An Individual may not simultaneously serve as both a Resident and a Commercial Member. Those individuals who qualify for membership in both the Resident and Commercial categories shall self-designate the desired category in which they will serve.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Minimum 3 times annually. No set dates.

Mission of Association: The purpose of this neighborhood association is:

a. To preserve and enhance the quality of life in the South of Fifth/South Pointe neighborhood; b. To be an advocate for all residents, relative to quality of life issues as individual security, heavy traffic, insufficiency of parking, cleanliness, and excessive noise; c. To liaise with city agencies regarding all capital improvements, public works and proposed commercial or residential development projects; d. To ensure that South Pointe’s interests are effectively represented in Miami Beach; e. To provide an effective and transparent process by which all residents of the neighborhood may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood; f. To do and perform all of the activities related to said purposes, to have and enjoy all of the powers granted, and engage in any lawful activity for which nonprofit corporations may be organized under Florida Statutes Chapter 617; g. To protect our cultural heritage by supporting the principles and practices of historic preservation; h. To carry out such activities as are permitted by entities functioning as a 501(c)(3); i. To carry out such other objectives as are approved by the Board or the membership.

Summary of Accomplishments: Have established committees ranging from Quality of Life, to Financial, to Parents Group, to Communication, Government Liason, and 5th and Alton project.

South Pointe Residents Association

Association Name:  South Pointe Residents Association
301 Ocean Dr. #604, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Area: The South Pointe Redevelopment Area’s northern boundary is 6th Street. Fifth Street is an appropriate northern geographic boundary for the South Pointe area for purposes of the activities of the South Pointe Residents Association. At a joint meeting of representatives of the South Pointe Residents Association and members of the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Committee, October 13, 2003, there was unanimous agreement on that boundary.

Contact: Frank Del Vecchio, Telephone #: 305-672-2486,

Membership Requirements:  Open to residents of the South Pointe area, south of Fifth Street, who subscribe to the purposes of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Meetings may be held from time to time as necessary and appropriate. The principal method of regular communication among organizers and residents is e-mail.

Mission of Association: Endorses the mission of the association of South Beach Neighborhood Associations in general, and with specific reference to South Pointe residential quality of life: “To preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents in all neighborhoods of South Beach by joining together to ensure that residential interests are effectively represented in city government.”In addition: Since the dissolution in 2003 of the South Pointe Advisory Board to the Redevelopment Authority, city officials have looked to the South Pointe Residents Association for review and comment on special events applications and for assistance in disseminating information about city meetings affecting South Pointe. And further: At a meeting with officials January 6, 2004, members of the organizing committee decided to formalize the Association’s function to facilitate contact by and with city departments on neighborhood quality of life issues and other matters where the city seeks or requires neighborhood input.

Summary of Accomplishments: The South Pointe Residents Association was formed by an organizing committee of thirteen South Pointe residents at a meeting held October 18, 2002. Frank Del Vecchio serves as president and spokesperson of the association. In addition to the thirteen organizing members, seventy one other South Pointe residents associated themselves with the Association during the initial organizational month. Since that time, there has been extensive participation by South Pointe residents in the initiatives of the Association including testimony at public meetings and participating in various meetings and in other ways on issues affecting South Pointe residential quality of life.

South Shore/North Shore Neighborhood Association

Association Name:    South Shore/North Shore Neighborhood Association

Area:    Normandy Shores residents living outside security gatesfont

Contact:    Paul Mokha, President, 786-351-6965,  
Glenda Phipps, Vice President, 305-431-7942,  
Tegan Eve, Member, 305-979-7942
Nelson Gonzalez, Board Member

Stillwater Drive

Association Name:    Stillwater Drive

Area:    Homes on Stillwater Drive, west of the guard house

Contact:    President: Carolina Jones,

Membership Requirements:      Voluntary Membership available to residents or homeowners on Stillwater Drive.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    As posted on our Facebook group page

Mission of Association:    Our mission is to create community and pride within the neighborhood while working towards common goals and improvements on our island.

Summary of Accomplishments:    Our newly founded Neighborhood Association already have over 50% participation in just 2 months time.
We have planned several “Stillwater Socials” including the upcoming Fall Harvest in October and our first Boat Parade in December.
We are working with Capital Improvements to maximize the benefit of the new construction projects both aesthetically and for maximum safety for our residents.
We have implemented the “Trap-Neuter-Return” program on our streets to control stray animals.
We continue to work towards initiatives to create a safer street, and control vehicles speeds.

Sunset Harbour Neighborhood Association

Association Name:    Sunset HarbourNeighborhood Association

Area:    Alton Road – 20th Street – Biscayne Bay – Dade Blvd

Contact:    Frank Kruszewski, 305-586-3191;

Membership Requirements:    Resident/Business Owner

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Not set

Mission of Association:    Advance the Quality of Life and Business Community within the Sunset Harbour Neighborhood.

Summary of Accomplishments:    Down zoned area from Entertainment/Commercial/Industrial to Light Industrial and Commercial.

Sunset Islands I & II Homeowners Association

Association Name:     Sunset Islands I & II Homeowners Association
(legal: Sunset Islands Property Owners, Inc.)

Area:     Sunset Islands I & II

Contact:     Rich Williams, board member and webmaster;

Membership Requirements:     Owners of property on Sunset Islands I or II

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     The annual meeting of members is held in March or April of each year as determined by the Board of Directors.

Mission of Association:     To preserve and improve our neighborhood’s safety, character, and quality of life

Summary of Accomplishments:     Since the 1930s our islands have been world-renowned as an oasis of serenity in the heart of Miami Beach. Our association serves our members by enabling communication, selecting and overseeing key service providers, and engaging with government officials. In recent years our advocacy helped secure the necessary funds and commitments from the City of Miami Beach for renewal of our roads and drainage systems.

Sunset Islands 3 & 4 Homeowners Association

Association Name: Sunset Islands 3 & 4Homeowners Association

Area: North 24th st, South 21st st., West Biscayne Bay, East Sunset Lake

Contact: Terry Bienstock;; 305-903-4000

Membership Requirements: Homeowner on Sunset 3 & 4, $2,000 dues for 2010.  We brought gas to the islands this summer, and our CIP project will be constructed in 2011.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Mission of Association: To make the quality of life better on the islands. Issues include Security, Beautification and Underground Utilities.

Summary of Accomplishments: Some accomplishments include renovating the historic guardhouse, improving security and improving aesthetic conditions on the island. We are currently in the process of trying to bury overhead utility lines & poles and bring natural gas to the island.

The Townhouse @ Sunset Harbour Condo

Association Name: The Townhouse @ Sunset Harbour Condo

Area: Sunset Harbour – 20 Street and Bay

Contact: Marilyn Freundlich – 786-453-2131, 305-534-8535 Condo Office,

Membership Requirements: Property owner in the Townhomes

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Mandatory once a year. usually, monthly.

Mission of Association: To maintain our property in excellent condition and contribute to neighborhood and city values

Summary of Accomplishments: Stop the swap, building codes, noise ordinance

Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance

Association Name: Venetian Causeway Neighborhood Alliance

Area: N. Bayshore to Purdy Avenue, along Venetian Causeway

Contact: Jack Hartog, President,; 305-951-9172

Membership Requirements: $35 fee and live in geographic area.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Irregular meetings – have active email network.

Mission of Association: To improve quality of life of residents and aid residents in work with municipal and county officials.

Summary of Accomplishments: Promoted construction of new toll plaza, monitoring bridge repair, promoting and monitoring Venetian Causeway Streetscape Project, distributing on a timely basis notices from municipal and county government officials by email, and facilitating good relationship between residents and municipal and county governments.

Venetian Islands Homeowners Association

Association Name:    Venetian Islands Homeowners Association

Area:    Venetian Islands Homeowners Associations represents the single family homes on the Venetian Islands: Rivo Alto, DiLido, San Marino, San Marco and Biscayne

Contact:    Juergen Brendel, President;
Emmanuel Sebag, Vice President;
Debra Leibowitz, Secretary;
Paula Faisal, Treasurer;
P. O. Box 398415/
Miami Beach 33239

Membership Requirements:    Application and $75/annually

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:    Board meetings every other month plus times called by the president or committee.

Mission of Association:    The Venetian Islands Homeowners Association was established in 1979 and reorganized in 1995 before the Causeway bridges renovations; the VIHA was designed to voice the concerns of the homeowners along the Venetian Causeway. We also work in coalition with the broader Causeway Alliance on many issues.

Summary of Accomplishments:    The Association is currently involved with the following issues:
Power outages and the under grounding initiative
Miami Beach’s General Obligation Bonds Street Improvements Program
Venetian Cause Bridge Repair, Crime and Security

Washington Avenue Neighborhood Association

Association Name:     Washington Avenue Neighborhood Association

Area:     Washington Avenue area and its cross streets

Contact:       Rachael Ovadia; Cinema Clothing; 305-490-4992;

Membership Requirements: None

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:     First Wednesday of each month; 4pm
The Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Mission of Association:     The Washington Avenue Neighborhood Association is a gathering of property owners, merchants, residents, City of Miami Beach departments; and those in the tourism, hospitality, retail, and nightlife industries. It is to raise awareness on quality of life and business issues, promote area businesses, and to assist in creating better business strategies to benefit all in the surrounding Washington Avenue neighborhood.

Summary of Accomplishments:     
1st meeting organized September 2006
Group developed goals November 2006
Canvassing of neighborhood for contacts list January 2007

West Avenue Neighborhood Association (WAvNA)

Association Name: West Avenue Neighborhood Association (WAvNA)

Area: 5th to 17th Street, Bay Rd. 14th to 17th St., West of Lincoln Rd.

Contact: Valerie Navarrete, President
phone: 786-546-2422

Membership Requirements: West Avenue, Lincoln West, or Bay Road residents (renters or condo/home owners), business owners and other parties affiliated with the West Avenue/Bay Road and the Lincoln West neighborhood who agree with the purpose of WAvNA.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Generally on a monthly basis on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at The VFW Post, 650 West Avenue (Meetings are noticed by email)

Mission of Association: The purpose of WAvNA is to build a sense of community; provide a communication link to the neighborhood about news/issues impacting the area or with government and other groups; offer a forum to discuss neighborhood issues to engage Association members and leadership and other parties to advocate for positive outcomes; and empower residents and businesses to work together and with other groups to improve our neighborhood and quality of life.