City Update

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

It’s been an honor to serve as your Mayor for almost one year now. As part of an ongoing effort to keep Miami Beach residents abreast of the City Commission’s latest developments, here are some of our recent initiatives:

O Cinema at the Byron Carlyle Theater: The City Commission unanimously voted to enter into an agreement with the cutting-edge, independent nonprofit, which currently operates O Cinemas in Wynwood and in Miami Shores. The third O Cinema, located in the Byron Carlyle Theater and part of our efforts to stimulate the economy of North Beach, is set to open sometime this fall.

Body Cameras for Police Department and Other City Departments: Police officers’ body-worn cameras are proven to reduce the number of misconduct complaints and the use of force. This fall, 50 cameras will be deployed for use by Miami Beach Police Department to improve the organization’s transparency and accountability. There are also five cameras being deployed for evaluation and testing by the Fire Department, Code Compliance Division, Parking Department, and Building Department.

Millage Rate: At the most recent City Commission meeting, your elected officials voted to decrease the millage rate by 0.0926 mills. This will account for a reduction in property taxes to median or average property owners that qualify for the homestead exemption and the Save Our Homes cap.

Voluntarily Forgoing Salary and Benefits: As I did last year, I will be forgoing my City salary, compensation, and benefits for the upcoming fiscal year. The total amount, which comes to about $44,000, will be allocated to the elderly and to senior-related activities throughout Miami Beach.

Traffic Management on Causeways During Accidents: In the wake of the numerous recent traffic fatalities on the Causeways, the Police Department and new Police Chief have recommended that the City invest in 3-D imaging cameras. The state-of-the-art equipment will catalog evidence at the scene of a traffic accident, reducing the duration of road closures by up to 50%. Also under consideration is the installation of HD video cameras at strategic locations along the Causeways, which will help reduce the amount of time it takes to reconstruct an accident scene.